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    The Night View from Mt.Hakodate

    One thing not to be missed in a sightseeing tour of Hakodate is the night view. The view from Mt. Hakodate is highly acclaimed, with a three-star rating in the "Michelin Green Guide Japon."

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    Yunokawa Hot Spring

    The Hakodate area is rich in hot springs. Yunokawa Onsen is a large spa resort area, featuring a vast array of hot-spring inns and hotels.

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    Hakodate Morning Market

    Hakodate Asaichi (Morning Market) boasts approximately 250 stores offering take-home souvenirs, in particular seafood products. Try the mouth-watering "seafood rice bowl" here to start your day with a bowl of steaming rice topped with freshly-caught seafood.

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    Old Fort Goryokaku

    The Goryokaku is a western-style fort completed almost 150 years ago, designated in Japan as a special historic site. Its neighbor the Goryokaku Tower features an Observatory which commands a panoramic view of the entire beautiful star-shaped estate and surrounding moat.

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    Bay Area

    The Bay Area facing Hakodate Port offers an expansive vista of the harbor. This area features a row of old red-brick buildings that have been converted into a unique shopping mall, enticing visitors to stop in and enjoy some shopping or a tea break.

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    The Motomachi neighborhood is full of historical buildings such as churches and one-time foreign residences. The exotic atmosphere of the streetscape and the sweeping views of the port from the slopes give this area its picturesque flavor.

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    Onuma Park

    Located in the suburbs of Hakodate, Onuma is a resort area and quasi-national park surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests. An express train from JR Hakodate Station will have you on the doorstep of Onuma in just 30 minutes or so.

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HAKODATE SPECIAL TICKET 2019 Autumn-Winter Edition

Enjoy sightseeing, dining, shopping, & one day ride pass in Hakodate while you save some cash! 2,900yen(Tax included).

The latest timetable of Hokkaido Shinkansen (bullet train)

These are the latest timetables of Hokkaido Shinkansen and Hakodate Liner (Revised on August 23, 2019).

==>The Shinkansen bullet train extended to Hokkaido. Discount tickets launched
==>Directions to and from Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station of the Shinkansen

How to ride trams and buses in Hakodate

The use of trams and buses is very convenient for sightseeing in Hakodate. The following are instuctions of how to ride trams and buses.

Get on the bus/tram from the rear door and take a numbered ticket with the stop-number on it. Press the “want-to-get-off button after your destination has been announced. Look at the fare display located at the front of the bus/tram. Confirm your numbered-ticket number and you will see your fare displayed in the column under your ticket number. Put the exact fare into the fare box when you get off.
==>How to Take the Tram Hakodate
==>How to ride a tram and a bus

If you have a one-day or two-day pass, which allows you to get on and off of buses or trams as many times as you want during the set period, just show your pass to the driver. You can purchase the pass at hotels and at the Tourist Information Center, as well as directly from the driver. Tram-limited passes and tram and bus passes are available.
==>The Tram One-Day Pass

How to hire English- or Chinese-speaking tour guides in Hakodate

When touring Hakodate, it is reassuring to travel with a well-informed tour guide.

Hakodate Goodwill Guide Association dispatches tour guides. Available languages are English, Chinses and Korean. Estimated cost is 5,000 yen for about 4 hours for up to 4 people.
Contact :

In addition, National Government Licensed Guide Interpreters and Hokkaido Tour Guide-Interpreters will introduce professional tour guides for foreign visitors. You can directly contract to a qualified tour guide posted on the Hokkaido Interpreter Association's website (in Japanese only). Profiles in languages that can be supported are posted on the introduction page of each guide. Estimated cost is 18,000 yen for about 4 hours for up to 10 people.

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