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Hakodate in Summer


Hakodate in Summer (June - August)

Hakodate’s summers bring pleasant weather with low humidity. Maximum temperatures rarely exceed 26 degrees Celsius during the day. The city hosts exciting festivals and outdoor events such as the Hakodate Port Festival or the World Music and Dance Festival; these allow visitors to fully enjoy the vibrant international culture of Hakodate, which flourished as a port city and gateway to the world.

Weather and Clothing

While day temperatures hover above 20 degrees Celsius in the summer months, the evenings tend to be cool at around 15 degrees Celsius. We suggest wearing long-sleeved clothes in the mornings and evenings, and having a light jacket at hand at all times.

Average temperature(℃)

Average Max Min
June 6.2 20.4 12.6
July 20.3 24.1 17.3
February -1.8 1.8 -5.7

The Hakodate Night View in Summer

Summer is the best season to enjoy the night view of the city from Mt. Hakodate. It might be cool and windy at the observatory, so make sure you have a jacket with you. A veil of fog enshrouds the city occasionally in the evenings, creating a mysterious atmosphere. You may even spot the lights of the boats fishing for squid at sea, a typical scene for summer nights in Japan.

Recommended time for the night view
(Sunset time at the beginning of each month)

June 19:06
July 19:17
August 18:56

Seasonal Highlights

Lovely hydrangeas can be enjoyed at Citizens’ Forest Park from mid-June all the way to mid-September. We suggest visiting this park in combination with the Trappistine Convent, which is located nearby.

Visit the Former British Consulate of Hakodate from around mid-June to mid-July to relish the beautiful rose garden. Thousands of blooms grace the garden around this time of the year.

Head to Cape Tachimachi or the Mt. Hakodate Observatory in the evenings and you’ll spot the lights of fishing boats in the Tsugaru Strait. These boats are out at sea to catch squid; these creatures rise toward the water surface attracted by the lights.

Seasonal Food

Squid is in season in summer. We suggest sampling it at the Hakodate Asaichi, the famous local fish and seafood market. Melons, corn, and potatoes taste especially rich in the summer months.

  • Melons
  • Corn
  • Potatoes
  • Squids
  • Tuna
  • Sea Urchin

Summer Events

Held for four days at the beginning of August, the Hakodate Port Festival is the largest summer event in the city. There are parades and various dance performances in the Bay Area, including traditional port dances, Yosakoi dance competitions, and the famous local Squid Dance.

Another event that shouldn’t be missed is the World Music and Dance Festival, usually held for three days in early August in Motomachi Park. There are music and dance performances by artists from all around the world, as well as food stalls offering international cuisine.

The Yunokawa Onsen Fireworks Festival, usually held around August 10, marks the end of summer in Hakodate. The fireworks are launched offshore; reflected in the sea waters, the lights create a surreal scene!