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Get a Taste of Hakodate! Must-Try Food and Snacks

Hakodate, located in southern Hokkaido, is known for its historic buildings, beautiful scenery, and fine food. The city, which juts out into the ocean, is equally famous for its seafood. Locals also have a taste for hamburgers, ramen, and soup curry. This article features local cuisine, so please read on to find out more.

Lucky Pierrot: The Best Hamburger in Japan

Their hamburgers, regarded as a local specialty by residents, were chosen as the best in Japan.

It was ranked at the top by the magazine Nikkei Plus 1. Carefully selected ingredients, including Hokkaido vegetables, are used in the burgers. Plus, each dish is prepared after an order is placed.

The menu includes regular dishes as well as special and limited-edition meals. The popular Chinese Chicken Burger boasts an annual sale of 500,000 dishes. Lucky Pierrot also serves curry and rice, yakisoba, and katsudon. Please note that the menu varies by eatery, but all have a unique Hakodate taste.

The interior is colorfully designed in a stylish and remarkable fashion. It combines modern and classical tastes, creating a lively atmosphere. The restaurant, with its entertaining decoration, offers an extraordinary dining experience.

The photograph shows the Bay Area Main Restaurant.

Lucky Pierrot Bay Area Main Restaurant
Address: Hakodate, Suehiro 23-18(Google Map

Gotoken Restaurant Sekkatei: Embodying the History and Culture of Hakodate

Those wishing to taste yoshoku, a mix of Western and Japanese-style cooking, should visit Sekkatei.

The restaurant, established in 1879, is located inside Gotoken Honkan, considered a historic architecture. The building, constructed 80 years ago, is designated as a tangible cultural asset by the Japanese government.
Patrons can enjoy the vintage ambiance and savor genuine yoshoku, an exotic combination of these two styles.

The diverse menu includes popular dishes such as English-style curry and scallop curry. Their Majesties the Emperor Emeritus and Empress Emerita even tasted the rich curry, which made it famous.

In addition to the a la carte dishes, there are also course and set menus. The restaurant has a distinct atmosphere, allowing patrons to go back in time while dining.

Gotoken Restaurant Sekkatei
Address: Hakodate, Suehiro 4-5

Yoshida Soup Curry Shop: Hokkaido's Soul Food

Mr. Yoshida inherited a soup curry restaurant in Sapporo, where he used to work, and opened this eatery in Hakodate in 2003.

The scrumptious curry, which has a refreshing taste, is prepared with spices, and over 20 types of toppings can be added. Yawaraka chicken-leg curry, a classic menu item, is made from tasty chicken thighs and vegetables served in a soup with a simple yet rich flavor. It is a satisfying dish with a diverse texture and taste.

Customers can choose the spiciness, which has 11 levels. Those who like spicy food should try the top level.

The toppings include unique ingredients such as welk, cheese, fish powder, fishmeal, and asparagus. Limited-edition toppings are also available, so customers can try something different each season.

The interior is designed in the Showa fashion, with desks and chairs used in elementary schools. The setting and taste of the soup curry create an air of the days gone by.

Yoshida Soup Curry Shop
Address: Hakodate, Shinkawa 24-1 (Google Map)

Chic Cafes With a Charming Ambience

There are various cafes in Hakodate, such as one on the top floor of a hotel offering a great view. There’s also a coffee room inside a confection store alongside a cafe with a rich history and atmosphere.

Tearoom Victorian Rose is located inside the former British Consulate of Hakodate, a building designated as a tangible cultural property of Hakodate City. Visitors can enjoy traditional afternoon tea while admiring the rose garden.

Hakodate Men Chubo Ajisai: An Icon of Hakodate Ramen

Hokkaido ramen has a diverse style depending on where it is made. Hakodate is famous for its salt-flavored ramen. Ajisai, with over 90 years of history, has become an icon.

The popular dish is fragrant shio (salt-flavored) ramen. While it is lightly seasoned and looks plain, the taste will surely impress everyone. The clear soup goes very well with the specially prepared noodles, enhancing the rich flavor. The combination will make you want to keep on eating.

Their restaurants are located in Goryokaku, Hakodate Station, and Bay Bishoku Club, near the Kanamori Warehouse. Therefore, it’s easy to visit. Ajisai, ranked at the top in various website polls, is a signature ramen restaurant in Hakodate.

Hakodate Men Chubo Ajisai
Address: Hakodate, Goryokaku 29-22 (Google Map)

Soft-Serve Ice Cream Flavors Unique to Hakodate

For Hakodate locals, soft-serve ice cream is a staple dessert consumed year-round, whether after a bath, a stroll, or a warm meal on a cold day.

At Soft Cream Dori, a street in the Motomachi district, various shops managed by local farms use fresh milk to concoct unique Hakodate flavors. These include squid ink, kelp, and wine! Please give one of these one-of-a-kind flavors a try.

Kantaro: Sushi Made With Hokkaido Ingredients

Kantaro is a popular conveyor-belt sushi restaurant in Hakodate. On-site chefs prepare the sushi using ingredients that are so large that the rice cannot be seen. The seafood and rice are produced in Hokkaido, and the sashimi is prepared from fish caught on the same day. Therefore, the sushi’s freshness and taste are guaranteed.

Customers can place a direct order with chefs standing in front of them. Menus in foreign languages are available, along with a touchscreen tablet. Therefore, those who aren’t fluent in Japanese needn’t worry. They can watch the chefs at work and savor the delicious sushi.

Kantaro’s menu includes hand-rolled sushi, gunkan-maki (battleship roll), and maki-zushi (hand-rolled sushi). Some restaurants even serve fried dishes. All dinners offer limited-edition dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients. The most popular dishes use Hokkaido products.

There is a Kantaro restaurant near Goryokaku, a fashionable sightseeing spot, so be sure to visit.

Kantaro Goryokaku Park Restaurant
Address: Hakodate, Goryokaku 25-17(Google Map

Japanese-Style Restaurants Listed on the Michelin Guide

Blessed with abundant nature, Hakodate boasts several restaurants listed on the Michelin Guide.

Visitors can taste various cuisines, from traditional Japanese to kaiseki (multicourse meals) to a sukiyaki restaurant started by a butcher.

Hakodate Asaichi: A Seafood Paradise

There are over 300 stores at the Hakodate Asaichi (Morning Market), frequented by chefs, locals, and overseas visitors. The market handles Hakodate products such as seafood, dried fish, fruit, and confections. Don’t miss out on the live squid fishing, an event many people line up to try.

In Conclusion

Hakodate, located in southern Hokkaido, is a place for foodies. The city offers sushi, sashimi, yoshoku (Western-style Japanese cuisine), soup curry, and ramen, which locals and travelers love savoring. If you find a restaurant that piques your interest, be sure to visit it on your trip to Hakodate.