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  • The night view from Mt. Hakodate looks like a sparkling jewelry box

    The view of the city from Mt. Hakodate at night is acclaimed as one of the best in the world. It has held the top ranking in the most impressive domestic night views in a survey conducted by a Japanese travel agency.

  • What to see in Goryokaku

    Goryokaku is one of Hakodate's major sightseeing spots. As a regional office for the central government, it was constructed in 1864. A few years after that, feudal times ended. Star-shaped Western-style forts are rarely seen in Japan. Now, Goryokaku is a park blessed with nature where people come to relax and enjoy themselves.

  • How to Ride Hakodate Tram

    Hakodate's trams are very convenient for sightseeing. Here are some tips on how to get around on Hakodate's trams.

  • Have some delicious Soft serve ice cream in Hakodate

    Traveling in Hakodate, you will find soft cream (soft serve ice cream) shops here and there.There is so-called Soft Cream Street, where some soft cream shops stand, and a dairy farm's outlet in the suburbs.The one near the Trappistine convent is popular.

  • Welcome to the Jomon world of Hakodate!

    The Jomon period began 15,000 years ago and continued for over 10,000 years in Japan. People at that time used cord-marked potteries and stone tools for hunting. Many Jomon sites remain in Hakodate, and various artifacts have been discovered.

  • 25 recommended spots for traveling to Hakodate with children

    You would like to go to places where your children can also enjoy when traveling to Hakodate. Here are some fun spots recommended by parents in Hakodate. Hope to have good memories with your family!

  • Things to be careful about so as to enjoy driving in and around Hakodate

    Driving a car will increase your enjoyment when sightseeing in Hakodate or traveling in Hokkaido. It is fun to drive to various travel destinations, but be aware of the differences in traffic rules between your home country and Japan. In order to enjoy driving in Hakodate, you need to know the traffic rules in Japan. We will also introduce some road conditions unique to Hokkaido and Hakodate.

  • Guests to Niseko,we recommend Hakodate

    The popular city, Hakodate is located only 3 hours by car or train from Niseko. How about visiting Hakodate to complete your stay in Japan? You can fully enjoy sightseeing, dining and shopping there.

  • Tips for Vegetarians

    Useful tips for vegetarians when staying in Hakodate, are compiled here. Ask at the front desk of your hotel about the respective locations of the restaurants or the stores mentioned below.

  • Hakodate is the best place for lovers!

    Hakodate with its harbors, slopes, churches, Western-style buildings and its spectacular night view, abounds with a romantic atmosphere, making it one of the best places to visit with your loved one. We would like to introduce to you some recommended walking courses and hot spots so that the two of you can make some unforgettable times together.

  • Travel stories of Hakodate

    People from Taiwan who enjoyed each seasonal aspect of Hakodate report to foreign travelers what in Hakodate fascinated them.

  • Foreign students report on their favorite places

    Foreign students studying in Hakodate visited spots that appeal to their curiosity and wrote reports about them.

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