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25 recommended spots for traveling to Hakodate with children

You would like to go to places where your children can also enjoy when traveling to Hakodate. Here are some fun spots recommended by parents in Hakodate. Hope to have good memories with your family!

Note: Contents such as prices are at the time of publication. Please check at each facility in advance.

Unique entertainment in Hakodate

1. Squid fishing pond in Hakodate Morning Market

Fun to fish and eat fresh squid


There is a squid fishing pond in Ekini Market at Hakodate Morning Market near Hakodate Station. Both adults and children can enjoy fishing squids just by hooking fluttering fins. The chef quickly prepares a squid so you can taste the best fresh squid sashimi (ikasashi).

2. Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden at Yunokawa hot springs

Hot-tubbing monkeys can be seen during the winter


You can see snow monkeys soak in hot spring to warm their body in Hakodate’s popular hot spring area, Yunokawa Onsen, during the winter. There are about 90 monkeys live at open-air monkey mountain. You can not only see relaxed monkeys but also feed them. Moreover, a wading pool opens in summer. There is also playground equipment for infants, and footbath. You and your family can enjoy in various ways at the Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden with only the entrance fee.

3. Goryokaku Park

Enjoy every season by renting a boat and playing with snow


The Site of Goryokaku Fort, designated as a special historic site, used to be a samurai government office in the past, but now it is a park for relaxation. You can rent a rowboat at the moat surrounding the star-shaped fort (30 to 40 min. per lap, closed in winter). You can also enjoy viewing cherry blossoms from the boat in spring. In addition, children can play with snow and enjoy sledding on the slope at the open space near the Hakodate Magistrate's Office in winter.

4. Lucky Pierrot

Hamburger shop with full of excitement


Lucky Pierrot is a Hakodate’s local fast food restaurant chain. There are 17 shops in and around Hakodate, and each shop has unique theme. A theme of The Bay Area Head Shop is a merry-go-round in the woods, and the Jyujigai Ginza shop's theme is Christmas. A huge chicken burger welcomes you at the Marina Suehiro shop with the theme of marine restaurant. The most popular item is the Chinese chicken burger sandwiching fried chicken with a special sauce.

5. Rental costume shop

Wear kimono and dress and become a princess


Hakodate rental costume kimono & dress, located in a brick Hakodate-Meijikan building built more than 100 years ago, is a rental costume shop for tourists. There are various kinds of costumes for both adults and children, so it is nice to take a commemorative photo with family. You can also stroll around bay area wearing the costume within the allotted time. Girls must love to be a princess!

Fun places to get children active

6. Hakodate Park

Children's paradise with open space, amusement park and zoo


Hakodate Park is a 2 to 3-minute walk from the Aoyagicho tram stop. Children can play with water in summer and play with snow in winter at a fountain square, where you can hear children’s laughter. There is a small amusement park (Kodomo No Kuni, closed in winter) and a zoo in the park. Adults can also enjoy famous cherry blossoms, autumn leaves and buildings designated as cultural properties.

7. Kids Plaza Hakodate

All-weather large indoor space with playground equipment


Kids Plaza Hakodate is on the 4th floor of Kiralis Hakodate building located in front of the Hakodate Station. It is an all-weather indoor space designed for children. There is playground equipment for moving their own bodies, and toys for small children. This facility is for children of 12 years and younger, and they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (must be 18 and older).

8. Omori-hama beach

All-weather large indoor space with playground equipment


Omori-hama, the southern coast of Hokkaido, is a scenic spot overlooking the Tsugaru Strait. Running to the edge of the water, playing with the sand, and finding sea shells and beautifully colored stones are immersive experiences for children. Swimming is prohibited. Toilets and taps for washing hands and feet are available at Takuboku Small Park.

9. Hakodate Racecourse

Get more friendly with horses and play with playground equipment


Families can enjoy at Hakodate Racecourse, where horse racing is held on weekends during summer. There are children's events with horses, and various local food stalls. You can watch not only powerful races up close, but also horses in the paddock. Children can play with various kinds of fun playground equipment at the Green Square built at the inside of the race tracks.

10. Yanagawa Traffic Park

Enjoy go-kart course


Yanagawa Traffic Park, 8-minute walk from the Goryokaku-koen-mae tram stop, designed to help children learn the traffic rules. Elementary and junior high school students can drive go-kart. (Infants can drive with their parents/guardians). It is an affordable price of 60 yen for 500 meters per lap. Closed in winter.

11. Hakodate Public Ice Skating Rink

Ice skates and accessories can be rented


An outdoor ice rink opens inside the Hakodate Velodrome during winter. There is a sub-rink for beginners in addition to a main rink, so anyone can enjoy ice skating with ease. You can rent ice skates and helmets, and purchase gloves. A food court is also available.

Fun places to play indoors

12. Future Center Hakodate

Stimulates children's intellectual curiosity just like playing games


"Future Center Hakodate is on the 3rd floor of Kiralis Hakodate building located in front of Hakodate Station. There is various content that utilize advanced technologies, such as a huge LED display and a 360-degree theater. You are like seeing Mt. Hakodate and Goryokaku park from the sky, making sightseeing in Hakodate more enjoyable.

13. Kanemori Brick LABO

Play with blocks for free when you go out for shopping


Everyone can play with blocks for free at Kanemori Brick LABO inside the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse. Varieties of blocks, including large blocks for infants, are available. You can take a commemorative photo with a completed work and create a postcard. Please note that all children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

14. Wooden playground in MUJI

Feel the warmth of tree at indoor wooden playground


You can find a MUJI’s wooden playground on the children’s goods floor (2nd floor) at SHARE STAR HAKODATE located in Goryokaku area. There are various kinds of wooden toys and art works. Families can play with toys freely when they go out for shopping.

Recommended for transportation lovers

15. JR Hakodate Station

Departures and arrivals of varieties of trains


Not only JR limited express and local trains, but also renowned local train, Donan Isaribi Railway, departure and arrive at the Hakodate Station. You can enter the ticket gate and watch trains if you purchase an admission ticket. Moreover, there is a bus terminal, where various types of buses arrive and leave constantly, in front of the Hakodate Station. It's a paradise for children who love vehicles.

16. JR Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station

See the Hokkaido Shinkansen up close


JR Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station is the starting/terminal station of the Hokkaido Shinkansen rail line opened in 2016. You can see how the Shinkansen car enter, stop and depart. It takes about 20 minutes by Hakodate Liner from JR Hakodate Station. If you go to the JR Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station by car or bus, you can purchase an admission ticket to enter the platform or see a Shinkansen through the glass from the 2nd floor.

17. Hakodate tram depot

See a tram going in and out of the tram depot


The tram depot (approx. 30 minutes from Hakodate Station by tram) is located in front of the Komaba-Shako-Mae tram stop. It is interesting to see lined colorful trams, as well as trams leaving and returning. Goods are sold at the ticket office. You cannot tour inside the Komaba tram depot.

18. Observation Deck at the Hakodate Airport

See the airplane taking-off and landing


There is an outdoor space to see airplanes on the 3rd floor of the domestic terminal building at the Hakodate Airport. Children will be excited to see airplanes taking-off and landing in front of them. Small children can also play peacefully in indoor play space.

19. Nesaki Park

Airplanes flying overhead


Located close to Hakodate Airport, Nesaki park is used as a place for local sports. It’s spectacular to see airplanes flying overhead. You can run around the grass and also feel open at this large park.

20. Seikan Ferry Memorial Ship “Mashu-maru”

Feel like a navigator in the wheelhouse


Mashu-maru is a ferry connecting Aomori and Hakodate from 1965 to 1988. The ship is moored at the quay and is now operating as a museum. You can tour the inside, such as the radio room and wheelhouse, and touch equipment to feel like a captain and a navigator. It will be a good memory to wear a captain’s uniform at a salon on the 3rd floor and take a commemorative photo.

Places to go by a car

21. Hakodate Milk Outlet Store

Enjoy interacting with cows


A 10-minute drive from Hakodate Airport, there is a facility to interact with cows in the premises of the Hakodate milk production plant. You will enjoy seeing cows up close at a paddock. You can also feed calves from spring to autumn. The shop sells delicious soft serve ice cream made with fresh milk.

22. South Hokkaido Shiki no Mori Prefectural Park

njoy playing outside in all seasons


Approx. 30-minute drive from Hakodate Station, it is a Hokkaido prefectural park over 65 hectares. There is large playground equipment, forests, streams, and flower hills, so children can play in rich natural environment. You can also go sledging at the event square during winter. Sleds and snowshoes can be rented at the park.

23. Showa Park

Enjoy playing with playground equipment and water


Approx. 20-minute drive from Hakodate Station, it is a park about 6.4 hectares. Children will love to play with large playground equipment. They can also play with water at multipurpose space with a fountain in summer and go sledding on a small hill in winter.


There is an indoor play area and good selection of books for children.


A large bookstore is located about 20-minute drive from JR Hakodate Station. There is an indoor playground equipment in a play area next to the children’s book section. Children can enjoy here under any weather conditions. Open ceiling space offers sense of openness.

25. Hakodate Nanae Snowpark

Play with snow and take in the magnificent view


Approx. 1-hour drive from Hakodate, there is a major snow park near Onuma Quasi National Park. You can enjoy sledding and playing with snow, as well as seeing magnificent view from the top by gondola lift. Ski and ski wear rentals are also available.