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Tips for Vegetarians

Useful tips for vegetarians when staying in Hakodate, are compiled here. Ask at the front desk of your hotel about the respective locations of the restaurants or the stores mentioned below.

Izakaya (Japanese-style bars) menus include various vegetable dishes.

A lot of Izakaya are open until late at night in Hakodate. Their menus include vegetable salad, tempura, tofu, seaweed dishes, cheese, rice balls, etc. You can choose what you like.

Sushi restaurants offer sushi using only vegetables and eggs.

Sushi using cucumbers, eggs, natto and umeboshi (pickled plums) are usual, and found in any sushi restaurant. Miso soup is also recommended if you eat dashi (fish broth).

There are many delicious bakeries.

There are many delicious bakeries in Hakodate's sightseeing areas. The bakers are highly skilled and they sell freshly baked bread every day. How about buying some and eating it in a scenic place?

Supermarkets sell fresh produce from Hokkaido.

At a supermarket, you can buy fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy products, etc. from Hokkaido. They offer vegetarian dishes in the delicatessen sections.

There are many convenience stores throughout the city.

Japanese convenience stores handle a great variety of items. They sell rice balls using only plant ingredients (umeboshi pickled plum, kombu kelp, etc.), nuts, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, vegetable delicatessen, and others. They are convenient and often open 24 hours.

Japanese words useful for vegetarians

The following are Japanese sentences to explain what you can't eat. Show them to the clerk.

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