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Enjoy Exploring Hakodate by Tram

While some might think a rental car is necessary when traveling in Hokkaido, visitors can visit major sightseeing spots by tram in Hakodate. This article introduces popular tram routes, discount tickets, and recommended places to visit.

How to Ride the Tram in Hakodate: Fares and Discount Tickets

The Hakodate Tram is a popular transportation method to tour the city's sightseeing spots. Pedestrians will come across these streetcars throughout the city. The sight will fill you with a nostalgic feeling.

Hakodate Tram Route Maps

The Hakodate Tram has two routes: Route No. 2 (red line) and Route No. 5 (blue line). Both routes start from Yunokawa, stopping at Goryokaku Koen-mae, Hakodate Ekimae, en route to Jujigai. These stops can be reached by riding either lines.
After passing Jujigai, the two lines head to different destinations. Route No. 2 stops at Horai-cho and Aoyagi-cho, en route to Yachigashira. Route No. 5 stops at Suehiro-cho and Omachi, en route to Hakodate Dock-mae. Passengers should check the destination of the tram before boarding.
Passengers can pay the fare in three ways.

1. Cash: When boarding, take a numbered ticket from the machine on the right-hand side. Check the fare information board inside the tram, and place the numbered ticket and fare into the fare box together when getting off. There will be no change, so use the change machine before paying.

2. IC Card (SUICA, ICOCA, etc.): Touch the sensor on the door with your IC card when boarding. There is no need to take a numbered ticket. Touch the sensor once more when you exit the tram.

3. Hakodate Tram Discount Ticket: Show the ticket to the driver when getting off.

There are various discount tickets to use when riding the Hakodate Tram. Those who plan to ride it multiple times should consider using them. Some e-tickets can be purchased and used on smartphones or tablet PCs.

A. One-Day Ticket
Price: 600 yen (Adults), 300 yen (Children)
Validity: From the start time until the last tram of the day.
This ticket allows unlimited tram rides on the day of purchase. E-ticket users will be asked to show it to the driver when getting off. Paper ticket users will need to scrape off the coating, which covers the expiration date.

B. Two-Day Ticket
Price: 900 yen (Adults), 450 yen (Children)
Validity: 24 hours from the start time.
This ticket allows unlimited tram rides for 24 hours. Only e-tickets are available.

C. One-Day Ticket for Tram/Bus
Price: 1,000 yen (Adults), 500 yen (Children)
Validity: From the start time to the last tram or bus of the day.
This ticket allows unlimited tram and bus rides on the day of purchase. Only e-tickets are available.

D. Two-Day Ticket for Tram/Bus
Price: 1,700 yen (Adults), 850 yen (Children)
Validity: From the start time to the last tram or bus the following day.
This ticket allows unlimited tram and bus rides for two consecutive days. Only e-tickets are available.
*To purchase the e-tickets, download the DohNa!! app.

E. Hakodate Tabisuru Passport
One-Day Type 2,690 yen (Adults), 1,340 yen (Children)
Two-Day Type 3,650 yen (Adults), 1,810 yen (Children)
This ticket allows unlimited rides on the Hakodate tram (all routes)/bus (designated area only), JR Hokkaido (designated area only), and South Hokkaido Railway (all routes).
It can be purchased at the following JR stations:
Hakodate/Goryokaku/Kikyo (the ticket booth is closed on Sundays and national holidays)/Nanae/Ohnuma Koen/Mori/Yakumo/Oshamanbe/Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto/Kikonai/Okutsugaru-Imabetsu
Please check Hakodate Tabisuru Passport for more details.

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