JOMON world of Hakodate JOMON world of Hakodate

The Jomon period lasted for over 10,000 years in Japan. The Jomon people
lived by reaping the bounties of nature, that is by harvesting nuts,
catching fish and hunting animals. Rope-patterned Jomon potteries is one
of the characteristics of this period.

Many Jomon sites have been excavated in northern Japan, including
Hokkaido, Aomori, Iwate, and Akita prefectures, leaving traces of the lives
of the Jomon people.

The 17 sites in this area were registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
in July 2021.

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

The Kakinoshima site and the Ofune site, which are part of the World
Heritage Sites, are located in the Minamikayabe region of Hakodate City.
Moreover, you can learn about the spirit and life of the Jomon people at a
museum. It displays excavated items including a national treasure found
on one of the sites in Hakodate City.

You can get information about the Jomon period around Hakodate.


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