Hakodate Gourmet Circus

はこだてグルメサーカス / Hakodate gurume saakasu

Hakodate Gourmet Circus

はこだてグルメサーカス / Hakodate gurume saakasu

Rough annual schedule
Fixed schedule
2022/9/3 - 2022/9/4 *finished

This is one of the largest food events in Hakodate. With tents set up along the streets and the square, local gourmet foods from all over the world and Japan as well as Hakodate can be enjoyed. About 170,000 people visit this two-day event every year. Specialties from Hakodate and surrounds are especially popular. The sites are filled with delicious smells from the grills and pots that are cooking food from the land and sea. They really stimulate your appetite. Also, local stage performing arts and local character shows are held.


  • 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (4:00 pm on the last day)



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2-23 Matsukaze-cho,Hakodate

Access from Hakodate Station

  • 7 minutes on foot




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