In autumn, mountains and the sea look beautiful in the clear air. It is the best season for strolling around the streets and viewing night scenes. The leaves of the roadside trees turn red or yellow from mid-October. You can enjoy the vivid autumn colors.

Climate and Clothing

Since it sometimes gets cold quickly in the morning and at night, wear a jacket or a shawl over long-sleeved clothes. In November, wear a hat, gloves and a scarf as well as a warm coat to keep out the cold.

Average temperature(℃)
Average Max Min
September 18.8 23.2 14.6
October 12.5 17.1 7.8
November 6.0 10.0 1.8

Night View

In autumn, when the weather is stable and the air is clear, the night view shows clearly and beautifully. The city lights get more sparkling. Since the summit becomes as cold as in winter after sunset, you must dress up properly to keep out the cold.

Recommended time for the night view (Sunset time at the beginning of each month)
September 18:11
October 17:20
November 16:32



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