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函館山からの夜景Hakodateyama karano Yakei

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Fabulous night view!

One thing not to be missed in a sightseeing tour of Hakodate is the night view. The view from Mt. Hakodate is highly acclaimed, with a three-star rating in the "Michelin Green Guide Japon."

A View with a Three Star Rating in the "Michelin Green Guide Japon"

Awarded the highest rating of three stars in the "Michelin Green Guide Japon", the view from Mt. Hakodate is described as "worth taking time out to see." Tourists from around the world flock to Mt. Hakodate throughout the year. You don’t have to wait until after dark, either - the expansive vista during daytime is also spectacular.

Here is the live view of the city seen from the top of Mt. Hakodate.

Three Minutes to the Top by Cable car

Three Minutes to the Top by Cable car

Mt. Hakodate is located within striking distance of the city center. The cable car is the standard way to visit the mountain and will land you at the summit station in just three minutes. When taking the cable car up the mountain, try facing the back of the car and looking out the right-hand window: from this position, you’ll get the biggest thrill at the instant when the night view suddenly reveals itself. The observatory on the mountain also features a souvenir shop and restaurants.

Experience the Changing Appeal of the Different Seasons

Experience the Changing Appeal of the Different Seasons

Highlights of the night view from Mt. Hakodate change with the seasons. In the autumn, the days are often fine and the air clear, offering visitors a sweeping panoramic view. In the winter, the glow of the city lights is reflected off the whiter-than-white snow that envelops the city, enhancing the dazzling night view. On foggy summer nights, the mountain looks down on a mysteriously veiled panorama.

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