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5 Unique Hotels in Hakodate: Enjoy Scenic Views, Excellent Food, and Hot Springs

If you have plans to visit Hakodate City, why not stay at a high-quality, fashionable accommodation and have a next-level kind of experience?
This installment introduces five unique accommodation facilities in the heart of easy-to-access Hakodate. Visitors can enjoy distinct architecture, tasty local cuisine, and natural hot springs at these five locations. These places have everything you need to fully enjoy the city during the daytime and evening!

HakoBA Hakodate by THE SHARE HOTELS: A Bank Is Transformed Into a Historic and Unique Hotel!

HakoBA Hakodate by THE SHARE HOTELS is located at the Port of Hakodate.
Part of this hotel uses the former Hakodate Branch of Yasuda Bank, a historical structure that was built in 1932. The hotel combines this historical building with the building sitting right next to the former bank.
Some guest rooms are located in the former bank building. You can feel the structure's classical atmosphere, as well as its rich history and culture.
The hotel has nine room types that meet the needs of a diverse range of customers―from solo travelers to couples and groups. So there's a room to satisfy every guest.
For those wanting to stay in the former bank building, the hotel offers two room types with twin beds that used to be guest rooms: the Junior Suite with Maisonette (Historic Building) and the Moderate Twin (Historic Building). One of the other rooms is the Standard Double (Historic Building), which features a double bed. There are also four types of twin rooms and smaller rooms for one or two guests.
On the premises, there's also a full range of shared spaces and facilities. For example, there's a book lounge on the second floor of the bank building. This space has a dignified design that retains a strong sense of history. Please spend some relaxing moments while reading about Hakodate and perusing photo collections of Hokkaido.
On the top floor, there's a shared kitchen area for visitors. It's fully equipped with cooking appliances and utensils, so you can enjoy creating your own tasty meal.
Outside the kitchen, there's an open rooftop terrace with great views of Hakodate Bay. While basking in the refreshing sea breeze, please fully enjoy your free time here.
Address: Hokkaido, Hakodate, Suehiro-cho 23-9

NIPPONIA HOTEL Hakodate Minatomachi: Experience Some Relaxing Moments Surrounded By the Sound of Waves

A place you don't want to miss during your visit to Hakodate is the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse, a sightseeing symbol of Hakodate Bay. At this nostalgic brick warehouse, you can taste local cuisine and go shopping while enjoying amazing views.
However, if you'd like to do more than go shopping, how about staying the night on the site of the Red Brick Warehouse at NIPPONIA Hotel Hakodate Minatomachi? Surrounded by exquisite scenery and the sound of nearby waves at night, you can enjoy Hakodate's unique romantic atmosphere.
NIPPONIA Hotel Hakodate Minatomachi has a total of nine guest rooms and is located in an unused warehouse building that was renovated. It's part of a group of red-brick warehouses located next to Hakodate Bay, in an area designated as "Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings."
Rooms are modeled on a Scandinavian theme that harmonizes with the red brick design, creating a simple, warm atmosphere. When sunlight gently pours through the windows into the room, the comfortable and intellectual mood allows you to enjoy a moment of peace different from daily life. Don't be surprised if you feel like staying here forever! So, while you listen to the soothing sound of ocean waves, please allow your body and soul to enjoy some quiet moments.
For those interested in a slightly different kind of bathing experience, the hotel also offers a bath with the scent of sake lees (the pressed rice mash that's left over from the production of sake). The faint aroma of Hakodate's brewery wafts through the air, making you feel completely relaxed and comfortable during your bath as your body is warmed right to its core.
LE UN NIPPONIA HOTEL Hakodate Minatomachi, the in-house hotel restaurant, offers a menu that suits the season. Throughout the year, guests can enjoy seasonal flavors made with fresh local ingredients, including Hakodate Wagyu beef and Hokkaido seafood.
Their afternoon tea service features a wide variety of snacks and desserts, not to mention an amazing parfait made with fruit from Hokkaido―perfect for those with a sweet tooth!
NIPPONIA HOTEL Hakodate Minatomachi
Address: Hokkaido, Hakodate, Toyokawa-cho 11-8

FAV HOTEL Hakodate: Your First Choice for Family and Group Excursions!

If you're planning a family or group trip, then FAV HOTEL HAKODATE in Hakodate's Otemachi area is an ideal accommodation.
The hotel is located right in the city center. It's just 30 seconds to the Hakodate Morning Market and only three minutes on foot to the JR station. This highly convenient location will save you time when planning your sightseeing itinerary.
Guest rooms can accommodate parties of two to six people. The rooms are simple yet spacious, with a stylish design. They are perfect for traveling with friends or family.
The rooms have household appliances, including a vacuum cleaner, humidifier, and air freshener. There's also a mini-kitchen, electric stove, microwave oven, and other cooking amenities. Also, the bed guard and bathtub chair ensure a worry-free stay, even with young children.
With their concept of "Let it stand out," the hotel has teamed up with HERALBONY to display artwork inside the hotel by artists with intellectual disabilities. Each art piece is highly original, expressed with unique colors and compositions. These displays create an art gallery atmosphere on the premises. When visiting the hotel, how about making your trip an even deeper experience by taking a closer look at these impressive art pieces?
The cafe and bar on the first floor serve coffee, a variety of alcoholic beverages, and light meals. Outside visitors are also welcome to enjoy this space.
Address: Hokkaido, Hakodate, Otemachi 20-15

La'gent Stay Hakodate Ekimae: Their Edo-Style Natural Hot Spring Transcends Time and Space!

La'gent Stay Hakodate Ekimae is situated right beside JR Hakodate Station and only a minute away on foot. It's also near a new landmark called HAKOVIVA, and Hakodate Ekimae Yokocho. With so many interesting places to visit, you can enjoy shopping and gourmet cuisine at the same time.
The hotel has various room types that will meet the needs of every guest―from solo travelers to families. There are also women-only guest rooms, allowing visitors a relaxing, worry-free stay. Room types include Western-style accommodations with a family-like atmosphere alongside Japanese-style and residential-style types.
The residential-type rooms are reminiscent of a summer home and feature an open kitchen and living room. They are bright, spacious, and equipped with furniture. Therefore, these rooms are perfect for families and groups.
For a more luxurious and high-end experience, we recommend the Royal Suite. This elegant space combines Japanese and Western elements and is a spacious 160 square meters (about 1,720 square feet). The Royal Suite also has exquisite night views of the city, creating a romantic and beautiful atmosphere.
The hotel's main feature is a natural hot spring full of Japanese flavor. With its Edo Period style, the large bath makes you feel like you're traveling back through time and space. This atmosphere creates a sense of nostalgia in an old-fashioned space, making you feel relaxed and calm.
The bar on the first floor also offers various kinds of cocktails. Its distinct retro red brick walls make it the perfect spot for enjoying an elegant time in the evening.
La'gent Stay Hakodate Ekimae
Address: Hokkaido, Hakodate, Wakamatsu-cho 12-8

HOTEL & SPA Hakodate Century Marina Hotel: Relax In Total Comfort Surrounded By Beautiful Scenery and Aromas!

HOTEL & SPA Hakodate Century Marina Hotel sits in the heart of access-friendly Hakodate City. JR Hakodate Station and the top sightseeing spots, including Hakodate Morning Market and the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouses, are also nearby. Guest rooms offer sweeping panoramic views, including Hakodate's main street and the harbor area.
We'd like visitors at this hotel to enjoy the outdoor natural hot spring bath on the 14th floor. From here, you'll get scenic views of Mt. Hakodate and the star-filled night sky. With the mountain spreading out in front of you with a stunning view of the starry sky, you might let out a sigh and be reminded that you're in paradise!
The hot spring bath will relax your muscles and alleviate joint pain, chilled hands and legs, and dry skin. It also relieves fatigue and can help soothe both your mind and body. After a relaxing bath, you can head to the Stellar Lounger, also located on the 14th floor. Enjoy the wide selection of beverages, beer, ice cream, and snacks while admiring the beautiful night scenery.
Guests can also choose their pillows from a large selection offered by the hotel. Additionally, they can choose their favorite scent from 20 different types of natural fragrances and bring it to their room. Therefore, the hotel offers a full range of special services and amenities. These fragrances have relaxation and sleep-inducing properties, making it easy to fall into a deep slumber. Even guests who have insomnia when visiting a new location can get a comfortable, good night's sleep!
Don't forget the luxurious breakfast waiting for you in the morning. An extensive Japanese and Western-style menu makes full use of Hokkaido's fresh ingredients. They also serve healthy items such as vegetables and brown rice, so you can start your day full of energy!
HOTEL & SPA Hakodate Century Marina Hotel
Address: Hokkaido, Hakodate, Otemachi 22-13

In Conclusion

Convenient access, high-quality with a stylish design, spacious and comfortable guest rooms, and an excellent on-site restaurant so you don't have to venture far to sample the local cuisine. The descriptions above are prime features of the five Hakodate hotels introduced in this article.
In Hakodate, a Hokkaido port town with an international flavor, you'll find hotels famous for their food, historic buildings, nature, hot springs, and art. So why not plan a visit here alone, with a partner, or among friends?
By all means, please choose an accommodation that suits your needs while being uniquely special. If you select a spot that's slightly different from standard hotels, you can forget about your cares and worries while immersing yourself in some deep relaxation and fun!