Wi-Fi Service



HAKODATE FREE Wi-Fi is available at locations marked by blue pins on the Google map. In addition, this service is available in the cars of the trams.

Hakodate has been expanding its Wi-Fi service areas so as to provide a comfortable environment for foreign tourists. Please make good use of it when visiting sightseeing spots or when shopping in the city. Wi-Fi service can be used around the areas designated by the Wi-Fi area sign.

HAKODATE FREE Wi-Fi Available Here

Other Hotspots

In addition to HAKODATE FREE Wi-Fi, some of the sightseeing spots, accommodations, and restaurants such as Lucky Pierrot provide their own free Wi-Fi services (Locations marked by red pins on the Google map.) Those services might require authentication using email addresses. For details on how to use their services, please inquire at each establishment. This data is current as of August 2015.

Useful Information
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