Esan Azalea Festival

恵山つつじ祭り / Esan Tsutsujimatsuri

Esan Azalea Festival

恵山つつじ祭り / Esan Tsutsujimatsuri

Rough annual schedule
Mid-May to early June
Fixed schedule
2022/5/21 - 2022/6/5 * The event will be held with changes from the previous content

Located in the east of Hakodate, a volcano Mt. Esan is famous for its azalea blossoms. They bloom from late May to early June, when the foot of the volcano turns crimson in a riot of the rose pink blossoms. On Sunday of late May, there is an event at Azalea Park, where local specialties are sold and there is a popular song show presented on a specially built stage. It takes about 40 minutes to get to Azalea Park from Hakodate Airport.



This phone number is for inquiries only. It is unrelated to the actual address.
(It cannot be inputted into a car navigation system.)


Kashiwano-cho, Hakodate

Access from Hakodate Station

  • 2 hours by Hakodate Bus to the "Esan Tozanguchi" bus stop
  • 15 minutes on foot
    *Please check with the bus center in front of Hakodate Station for details.
    (It takes about 75 minutes by car)



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