The use of trams and buses is very convenient for sightseeing in Hakodate. The following are instuctions of how to ride trams and buses.

Get on the bus/tram from the rear door and take a numbered ticket with the stop-number on it. Press the “want-to-get-off button” after your destination has been announced. Look at the fare display located at the front of the bus/tram. Confirm your numbered-ticket number and you will see your fare displayed in the column under your ticket number. Put the exact fare into the fare box when you get off.

==>How to Take the Tram Hakodate

==>How to ride a tram and a bus

If you have a one-day or two-day pass, which allows you to get on and off of buses or trams as many times as you want during the set period, just show your pass to the driver. You can purchase the pass at hotels and at the Tourist Information Center, as well as directly from the driver. Tram-limited passes and tram and bus passes are available.


==>The Tram One-Day Pass