Foreign students studying in Hakodate
report on their favorite places.

Loving Japan, wanting to know about Japan, many foreign students have come to study at universities in Hakodate. Visiting attractive spots in Hakodate, some of them made a report of them. They are from China, Australia, etc., and enjoyed cherry blossoms in spring, snow in winter, soft cream, local hamburgers, and a squid fishing pond for the first time. Those fun things in Hakodate are shown with their best smiles.

  • Soft Serve Ice Cream and
    Shio Ramen Team

    Victor (photography)

    As for delicious food of Hakodate… soft serve ice cream and shio ramen noodles are very popular with students from Australia.

    Hakodate's Famous Foods―A Journey for Soft Serve Ice Cream and Hakodate Shio Ramen
    Mt. Hakodate Hike Team

    To Imoh
    Chin Shoh

    People usually take the ropeway to the top of Mt. Hakodate, but these nature-loving students from China and Australia hiked up instead. They sure made the most of it!

    Mt Hakodate Hike and Night View
    Fishing Squid at
    Morning Market Team

    Soh Yoh
    Kapulani Ramos
    Susannah Lai
    Shoh Reikin
    Hannah Lim

    Five of students from China, Australia and Alaska, visited the Morning Market (Asaichi). They had the unusual experience of eating a squid that they had just caught.

    Asaichi Morning Markets
    Viewing Cherry Blossoms at Goryokaku Park Team

    Oh Shunran
    Oh Gyohkei
    Choh Teitei
    Victor (photography)

    Goryokaku Park is the most popular place for viewing cherry blossoms in Hakodate. Students from China and Australia had their first cherry blossom viewing experience - Japanese style.

    Goryokaku Park
    Cruise ship and red brick warehouse sightseeing group

    Shao Liqin
    Bang Dong Hyun
    Brenden Martinez
    Ye Zi
    Lai Susannah
    Harris Rosalind
    Zhao Shuo
    Norman Torey

    Eight students from South Korea, China, the USA, and Australia fully enjoyed their bay area excursion on the Bluemoon cruise ship.

    Fun at the Port of Hakodate!
    Bright autumn leaves greet the Kousetsu Park and the Yunokawa sightseeing group

    Shiwon Yun
    Piao Haiyang
    Sun Haiyu
    Wu Mengchieh
    Yan Gonshuen
    Ant Chen
    Simon Brovoll Henriksen
    Jan-Erik Samuelsen

    Eight students from South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Norway visited the Kousetsu Park aflame with beautiful autumn leaves and the relaxing Yunokawa hot springs.

    A fun day in the «Kousetsu» Park
    En morsom dag i «Kousetsu-parken»(norsk først)」
    Ainu culture experience group

    Hannah Lim
    George Montague-Masson
    Joshua Gladwin
    Kristin Andersen
    Ye Yi Hsuan
    Seo YeahChang

    Six students from the UK, Australia, Taiwan, Norway, and South Korea came face to face with a different culture in the Museum of Northern Peoples and visited an Ainu souvenir shop.

    Ainu Culture in Hakodate