HAKODATE FREE Wi-Fi service has begun.

HAKODATE FREE Wi-Fi service has begun.
Hakodate has begun to offer FREE Wi-Fi service in the Motomachi area where popular sightseeing spots are located.

HAKODATE FREE Wi-Fi can be accessed in the Bay area and the Motomachi area.
Find the area sign for "HAKODATE FREE Wi-Fi."
Hachiman-zaka, Motoi-zaka, and Nijukken-zaka slopes and Motomachi churches as well as Kanemori Red Brick Warehouses are located in these areas.

Follow the steps for using the service on the spot on your smart phone or tablet to access Wi-Fi. See leaflets for the areas and instructions on how to connect to the Wi-Fi.
HAKODATE FREE Wi-Fi Guide map(Inggeris)

Kumamoto earthquakes do not affect Hakodate.

Kumamoto earthquakes do not affect Hakodate.
There were massive earthquakes in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu in the southern part of Japan, in April 2016. We are grateful to have received heartfelt concern and aid from countries all over the world. The number of tremors and their intensity has decreased gradually.

The distance between Kumamoto and Hakodate is about 1,350 kilometers; Hakodate did not feel tremors from the said earthquakes. To put it in perspective, the distance between Kumamoto and Taipei (about 1,240 kilometers), and the distance between Shanghai and Beijing (about 1,070 kilometers) are shorter compared to that between Kumamoto and Hakodate. In visiting Hakodate, you can rest assured that you will be safe and secured from the tremors brought about by earthquakes in Kumamoto.

Japan National Tourism Organization is providing information about the situation of Kumamoto and the earthquakes that hit it. It is also showing the transportation service on its website (Inggeris).
Kumamoto Earthquakes

Kereta Api peluru Shinkansen dipanjangkan ke Hokkaido. Diskaun Tiket dilancarkan.

Kereta Api peluru Shinkansen dipanjangkan ke Hokkaido. Diskaun Tiket dilancarkan.
Kereta Api superekspres Jepun, Kereta Api peluru Shinkansen datang ke Hokkaido pada 26 Mac, 2016. Anda boleh bergerak dengan selesa dari Tokyo ke Hakodate dengan Shinkansen.
Mengambil Hokkaido Shinkansen, Hayabusa, dari Stesen Tokyo, anda akan tiba di Stesen Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto dalam kira-kira 4 jam dalam perkhidmatan terpantas. Dari Stesen Shinkansen, ia mengambil masa 15 hingga 20 minit untuk sampai ke Stesen Hakodate dengan keretapi akses yang baharu Hakodate Liner.
→ maklumat mengenai Hokkaido Shinkansen

Berikutan kemajuan Shinkansen, tiket diskaun yang dipanggil Pas Kereta Api Hokkaido Selatan Timur JR telah dilancarkan bagi pelancong asing ke Jepun. Inilah pas percuma yang boleh digunakan dari Tokyo melalui kawasan Tohoku dan Hakodate ke Sapporo. Ia sah untuk mana-mana 6 hari pilihan anda dalam tempoh 14 hari dari tarikh pas dikeluarkan. Ia berharga 27,000 yen jika dibeli di Jepun, manakala 26,000 yen jika dibeli di luar Jepun.
→Pas Kereta Api Hokkaido Selatan Timur JR

→ maklumat mengenai Japan Rail Pass

Berikut adalah nota untuk pelanggan-pelanggan yang menggunakan JAPAN RAIL PASS konvensional.



Train Service Suspension due to Launch of Hokkaido Shinkansen (March 22 to 25)

Train Service Suspension due to Launch of Hokkaido Shinkansen (March 22 to 25)
Hokkaido Shinkansen will start service on March 26, 2016! 
For final preparations, all services for passenger trains running through Seikan Tunnel will be suspended from 22 to 25 March.

Notice Regarding Launch of Hokkaido Shinkansen (by JR Hokkaido)

Information about Japan Rail Pass
Note for customers using the JAPAN RAIL PASS

The City Streetcar One-Day Pass is convenient when visiting Hakodate

The City Streetcar One-Day Pass is convenient when visiting Hakodate
Hakodate has a streetcar network. You can use it to get to the major sightseeing spots of Yunokawa, Goryokaku, the Morning Market, the Bay Area, Motomachi, and Mt. Hakodate Ropeway.

A streetcar fare is typically between 210 to 250 yen for adults. You pay it when you get off. At 600 yen, the One-Day Pass is worthwhile if you plan on taking three or more trips in a day.

One-Day Passes are sold at some hotels and at the information center at Hakodate Station. You can also buy them from the driver before you alight. The pass comes with an illustrated route map with some English descriptions.

Hakodate is one of the most attractive cities in Japan

Hakodate is one of the most attractive cities in Japan
Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka are listed as major sightseeing places in Japan. However, Hakodate is also well worth a visit.

An annual survey by a Japanese think tank, Brand Research Institute, Inc. asks 30,000 consumers to select attractive cities, towns, and villages from 1,000 of those. Hakodate has consistently been ranked top beside Kyoto and Sapporo. In 2015, Japanese people considered it Japan’s most attractive city!

Hakodate has a beautiful night view and delicious food. No fewer than 20 locations are rated by the Michelin Guide Hokkaido, which is a lot for one city. There are many places to see. You can enjoy Hakodate’s nature throughout the year, with cherry blossoms in spring, autumn leaves in fall, and snowscape in winter.

Hakodate has many drugstores, electrical appliance stores and 100-yen shops, too. When traveling in Japan, please consider visiting us!

→News release(in Japanese)

How to get to Mt. Hakodate, the night view spot.

How to get to Mt. Hakodate, the night view spot.
Begin your sightseeing by going to Mt. Hakodate and check out the view that the Michelin guidebook has given three stars. You can get there by ropeway, bus, taxi, rental car, or on foot.Here are some tips about the means.

The ropeway is the most popular method. It runs every 5 to 15 minutes from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (9 p.m. during winter), and takes only 3 minutes. It is closed for a few weeks in late fall for maintenance - check the schedule if you visit then. Operation may be restricted or cancelled due to strong winds. Click here for the operation (in Japanese).

There is a well-maintained road to the top of Mt. Hakodate. It takes about 20 minutes; longer if it’s busy. Private cars (including rental cars) are not permitted from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. (4 p.m. to 9 p.m. in late fall) to prevent congestion. It is closed during winter due to icy road.

If the weather is good and you are feeling a little adventurous in the daytime, you can walk. A well-maintained path will lead you to the observatory through rich wildlife in about an hour. Click here for the map (in Japanese).


Fly to Hakodate for less with a Japan Fare.

Fly to Hakodate for less with a Japan Fare.
Japan Fares are discounted fares available to all foreign travelers who fly to Japan. They can purchase domestic flights for only 10,800 yen (including consumption tax) per section.

For example, after spending time sightseeing in Tokyo, you can fly to Hakodate for only 10,800 yen. It’s a 1 hour 20 minute flight from Haneda Airport.

Check the airlines’ websites for conditions, restrictions, purchasing and others.

JAPAN AIRLINES(oneworld Yokoso/Visit Japan Fare) 

Have your wedding photographs taken in romantic Hakodate.

Have your wedding photographs taken in romantic Hakodate.
Hakodate is a popular place for wedding photography, especially among couples from other Asian countries who visit the city before their weddings. Your beautiful photos, taken by a professional photographer, can be given to you in an album or saved on a DVD. You can be a prince and princess in scenes featuring a mixture of mysterious, traditional Japanese and stylish western cultures. You can also take advantage of the beautiful location: cherry blossoms and young leaves in spring, a brilliantly shimmering sea in summer, colorful leaves in autumn, and pure white snow in winter.

A coordinating service can take care of costumes and transport to locations, and provide a photographer, a hairdresser and an interpreter. They can also assist with accommodation, other sightseeing trips and meals. Why not take home some special memories of you two in romantic Hakodate?

HAKODATE Bridal Location Photography Association

Hakodate Morning Market is a great place for tourists.

Hakodate Morning Market is a great place for tourists.
The morning market in front of Hakodate Station is a popular sightseeing place in Hakodate. It was initially an open-air market for local people to buy fresh fish and vegetables. It has now become an amusement spot for tourists to buy souvenirs or eat delicious food. When you visit the market, be sure to try squid fishing. Catching a squid swimming around in a tank and eating it then and there is a really interesting experience.

Morning Market Square was opened in April 2014 after a full renovation. It has a farmers’ market with fresh local produce and a food court in which you can enjoy some of Hakodate’s specialties. Free wi-fi is available, and some stores accept UnionPay card or electronic money such as payWave and Pay Pass.
Hakodate Morning Market