What to Eat
When You're
in Hakodate

One of the most popular dishes in Hakodate is the "seafood rice bowl," featuring a bowl of steaming rice topped with freshly-caught seafood. Eateries specializing in this favorite local dish are located en masse at the morning market (“Asaichi”), located in front of Hakodate Station.

For down-home Japanese dining, try a Japanese style pub or "izakaya," where sake and meals are the order of the day. As well as serving delicious dishes created from local seasonal produce, Hakodate's izakaya also offer visitors a chance to enjoy chatting with the locals and restaurant owners.

Look for Restaurants by Theme

  • With the ocean on three sides, Hakodate’s seafood comes fresh every morning. For sushi, the choice of fish is up to you, while the seafood rice bowl features a variety of thinly sliced pieces of fish laid upon a serving of steaming rice. Take your pick!

  • "Ramen" is a well-loved Japanese noodle dish. The flavor of the soup base varies depending on the region. The Hakodate soup base is characterized by a lightly salted flavor. The stock adds kelp and/or seafood to the standard chicken or pork to create the traditional Hokkaido flavor.

  • Japanese food is the result of hundreds of years of tradition. Nutritionally balanced and low in calories, Japanese cuisine has attracted attention from all over the world in recent years. Don’t miss the Japanese food of Hakodate, created from local seasonal produce.

  • The "Izakaya" is a unique style of Japanese restaurant, featuring an enjoyable array of different sake beverages accompanied by dishes designed to match. Beer halls offer locally-brewed beer and side dishes to savor. All these restaurants prepare their cuisine using seasonal ingredients produced locally in Hakodate.

  • Hakodate boasts an impressive lineup of characteristically delectable snacks and desserts. The “Lucky Pierrot” hamburger shop, with its unique interior fit-out and menu, was voted the most popular hamburger shop in all of Japan.

The "MICHELIN GUIDE Hokkaido" has a long list of Hakodate restaurants!

Thirty Hakodate restaurants were listed in the "MICHELIN GUIDE Hokkaido" of April 2012.
Listed in the guide with two stars, the Japanese restaurant Fumoto relies on the freshest of local ingredients to produce its delectable Japanese cuisine. Friendly kimono-clad waitresses serve customers in Japanese-style private rooms.
The guide also lists restaurants specializing in sushi, Japanese, French, Italian and Spanish cuisines. Be sure to experience Hakodate’s internationally acclaimed restaurant scene!