Yunokawa Hot-Spring Resort Fireworks Display

Yunokawa-Onsen Hanabitaikai
August 20th , 2016
This festival marks the end of summer in Hakodate, taking place in Yunokawa Hot Spring Resort, which dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. A mikoshi portable shrine is carried around to express appreciation to the hot spring deity, as well as lit floating lanterns are placed on the Matsukura River, which flows through the resort area. You will be fascinated by how the lanterns are slowly floating down the river. Fireworks are displayed offshore, simultaneously turning the sea, the river and the hot spring resort area in various colors.

DATA 1Yunokawa Hot Springs Resort, downstream Matsukuragawa River

Access from
Hakodate Sta.
  1. 130 minutes by streetcar from Hakodate Station to the "Yunokawa Onsen" streetcar stop
  2. 210 minutes on foot
Fireworks run from 7:40 pm to around 8:40 pm
Yunokawa-cho, Hakodate
0138-57-8988 To call from abroad to Hakodate
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