Summer in Hakodate is comfortable with low humidity, and that is why people visit here to get relief from the heat. In July and August, there are outdoor festivals with fireworks events and parades of dancing people as well as plays and musical performances.


In autumn, mountains and the sea look beautiful in the clear air. It is the best season for strolling around the streets and viewing night scenes. The leaves of the roadside trees turn red or yellow from mid-October. You can enjoy the vivid autumn colors.


We have some snowy days around November. The city is white with snow in January and February. The months of December through February feature winter festivals. You can see snow falling over the illuminated buildings and roadside trees.


By March, most of snow accumulated in the city has melted. In April, pretty flowers begin to bloom on Mt. Hakodate. From late April to mid-May, it is cherry blossom season. Many people go out for cherry-blossom viewing.